It's difficult to imagine for today's young people, what with digital files and CD's being dominant, but at one time, vinyl ruled the musical realm.

There's a certain tactile satisfaction that comes only with the physical act of placing an album - or 45 single - onto a turntable and playing it. (Some of us were very adept at placing the needle exactly between songs, when we didn't want to play an entire album side.)

Vintage albums serve more than one purpose, of course; besides the very genuine sound of the music they convey, they also serve as small, individual windows onto a world that no longer exists, the Vintage World, which wasn't nearly as uptight about every damned thing like our current milieu. The covers aren't always Politically Correct according to current sensibilities; but in their defense, they couldn't possibly know what was going to be accepted 50 or 60 years hence - and why would they bother to act on such knowledge anyway?

Collectors of vintage vinyl love not only the music - much of which still doesn't exist in digital, purchasable form - but also the cover artwork, much of which is just gorgeous. And again, they provide a window on a vanished world that looks to many of us like one that we would desperately like to visit.

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