Milt Raskin - Kapu

Milt Raskin - Kapu It’s a great loss to the world of music that Milt Raskin really only produced one album’s worth of music that can be found on vinyl today, because the music he created for Kapu/Exotic Percussion can stand among the best in the Exotica genre.

This album exists in at least three formats:
- Exotic Percussion (1960, Crown CLP 5189 (mono), CST 212 (stereo); this was a re-release of Kapu (Forbidden) with the songs in a different order.
- Exotic Sounds of Hawaii (1970, Crown CST 616) This was another re-issue of Kapu (Forbidden) with the songs in the original order.
- Kapu (Forbidden) (1959, Crown CLP 5110 (mono), CST 142 (stereo); re-released as Exotic Percussion with the songs placed in a different order, then again laster as Exotic Sounds of Hawaii with the original song order restored; stereo version released on red vinyl as well as black with red apparently being the first release)

Side A
1 - Kapu (Forbidden)
2 - Koko Head
3 - Leahi (Diamond Head)
4 - Maika
5 - Moon Festival

Side B
6 - Mileka
7 - Iolani (Bird of Heaven)
8 - Lehua
9 - Lanikai (Heavenly Sea)
10 - Telani (Evening Star)

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