Leo Addeo and His Orchestra

Leo Addeo album Leo Addeo was a skilled orchestra leader who became a longtime producer for RCA.

Addeo's LP output includes:
- Blue Hawaii (1973, RCA Camden CXS-9035) Two-disc set.
- Calypso and Other Island Favorites (1964, RCA Camden CAL 807 (mono), CAS 807 (stereo))
- Far Away Places (1965, RCA Camden CAS-901)
- Great Standards with a Hawaiian Touch (1963, RCA Camden CAL-672 (mono), CAS-672 (stereo))
- Hawaii in Hi-Fi/Stereo (1958, Vik LX-1107; 1959, RCA Camden CAL-510 (mono), CAS-510 (stereo))
- Hawaii’s Greatest Hits (1972, RCA Camden CAS-2506)
- Hawaiian Paradise (1965, RCA Camden CAL-853 (mono), CAS-853 (stereo))
- Hello Dolly! and Other Favorites (1964, RCA Camden CAL-828 (mono), CAL-828 (stereo))
- Love is a Hurtin’ Thing (1967, RCA Camden CAS-2134)
- The Magic of Hawaii (1968, RCA Camden CAS-2211)
- More Hawaii in Hi-Fi (1960, RCA Camden CAL-594 (mono), CAS-594 (stereo))
- The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round (1961, RCA Victor LSA-2353) (Stereo Action)
- Musical Orchids from Hawaii (1966, RCA Camden CAS-977)
- On the Sunny Side of the Street (1963, RCA Camden CAL-758 (mono), CAS-758 (stereo))
- Paradise Regained (1961, RCA Victor LSA-2414) (Stereo Action)
- Songs of Hawaii (1963, RCA Camden CAL-759 (mono), CAS-759 (stereo))

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