Exotica Records

Classic Exotica Records

Leo Addeo and His Orchestra

Ahbez, Eden - Eden's Island
Aloma, Hal
Auld, Georgie and His Hula-Gans
Auletta, Ted
Azama, Ethel - Exotic Dreams
Barsamian, Artie - Destination Baghdad
Bass, Sid - From Another World
Bass, Sid - With Bells On

Baxter, Les

Bay, Francis
Beirut, Ali
Burger, Jack ‘Bongo’
Byrd, Jerry
Catelli, Don and the All-Stars
Chaino - Jungle Echoes
Chango and the Polynesians
Coco, Johnny
Colon, Augie
Comstock, Frank
Conrad, Paul

Costanzo, Jack

Cottler, Irv
Damae, Eddie and the Sons of Hawaii
De Luca, Edmond

Denny, Martin

Diamond Head Hula Boys, The
Drasnin, Robert - Voodoo
Edwards, Webley
El-Bakkar, Mohammed - Dances of Port Said
Elliott, Dean
El-Suleiman, Mohammed


Floyd, Chick
Garcia, Russ
Gomez, Eddie
Goodwin, Ron (Music In Orbit)
Grand Award All-Stars, The
Guererra, Tito
Hagan, Hans
Hawaiian Hula Boys, The
Hawaiian Islanders, The
Hawaiian Room Orchestra, The
Hawaiian Strings, The
Hawaiians, The
Hayman, Richard
Hernandez, Rene
Honolulu Guitars, The
Hunter, Frank (White Goddess)
Islanders, The
Jaffee, Bill and His Islanders
Kaapuni, Harry and His Royal Polynesians
Kai, Lani and His Hawaiians
Keack, Alex
Kinney, Ray - Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight
Knudson, Thurston
Kokee Band
Kona, Rex and His Mandarins - Wild Orchids
La Delle, Jack
Leilani, Luke
Lopez, Miguel and His Orchestra

Lyman, Arthur

Magne, Michel
Makamia and His Islanders
Makia, Sam
Marino, Richard
Mark, Paul and His Orchestra
Markko Polo Adventurers - Orienta
Marshall, Jack – Soundsville! (Space Age Pop)
Mauu, Charles and the Royal Polynesians
McFarland, John – Provocatif
Mineo, Attilio ‘Art’
Montalba, Georges
Moore, Phil and His Orchestra
Morales, Lalo
Morgan, Tommy - Tropicale
Moulin, Subri
Muller, Werner
Mure, Billy
Newman, Alfred and Ken Darby
Out Islanders, The
Outriggers, The
Owens, Harry and His Royal Hawaiians
Pahinui, Gabby
Pandit, Korla
Paulo, Rene - Black Coral
Perito, Nick
Perry, Al Kealoha
Phillips, Stuart - Harry Revel's Music From Out of Space
Pike, Dave
Pineapple, Johnny
Polynesians, The
Poole, George
Rains, Gene - Rains in the Tropics
Ralke, Don
Raskin, Milt - Kapu
Rey, Alvino – (space age bachelor pad)
Rio Carnival Orchestra, The
Ros, Edmundo
Royal Tahitians, The
Royal, Lani and the Diamond Head Band
Sagle, Chuck (space age bachelor pad)
Sarkasian, Buddy
Shindo, Tak - Mganga!
Simpson, Mike and His Orchestra
Sons of Hawaii
South Sea Serenaders, The
Spencer, Johnny and the Kona Koasters
Staples, Betty
Sumac, Yma
Surfmen, The - The Sounds of Exotic Island
Tahitian Percussionists and Exotic Voices, The
Taylor, Creed
Taylor, Sam - Mist of the Orient
Tiare, Don
Tokyo Serenaders, The
Waikiki Beach Boys
Waikiki Boys, The
Waikikis, The
Waldo, Elizabeth
Wanderley, Walter
Warren, Guy
Whittemore and Lowe
Wilson, Marty and His Orchestra
Wilson, Stanley - Pagan Love