Marty Gold and His Orchestra

Marty Gold album Martin Gold was a composer, pianist, and bandleader born in New York City, New York. He was the pianist and arranger for the Korn Kobblers, a popular 1940s novelty group billed as "America's most nonsensical dance band", but was probably best known as the composer of the song "Tell Me Why", which was a hit for The Four Aces in 1951.

Mr. Gold also arranged, conducted, and recorded for RCA Victor light orchestral "mood music" pieces utilising fully the possibilities of the newly developed Stereophonic sound, with whole sections of violins drifting between right and left speakers. He produced Peter Nero's first two albums for RCA and also conducted the accompanying orchestra.

Gold died on January 14, 2011, in Agoura Hills, California, at the age of 95.

Albums by Marty Gold include:
- 24 Pieces of Gold (1962, RCA Victor VPM-6012 (mono), VPS-6012 (stereo))
- The Broadway Soundaroundus (1967, RCA Victor LSP-3689)
- By the Waters of the Minnetonka (1959, Kapp K-1125)
- Classic Bossa Nova (1965, RCA Victor LPM-3456 (mono), LSP-3456 (stereo))
- For Sound’s Sake! (1964, RCA Victor LPM-2787 (mono), LSP-2787 (stereo))
- Hi Fi Fo Fum (1958, Vik LX-1133)
- Higher Than Fi (1957, Vik LX-1097)
- In A Young Mood (1964, RCA Victor LPM-2942 (mono), LSP-2942 (stereo))
- It’s Magic (1961, RCA Victor LSA-2290) (Stereo Action)
- Lullabies for Sleepyheads (1960, RCA Camden CAL-1003)
- Moog Plays the Beatles (1969, Avco AVE 33003)
- Organized For Hi-Fi (1957, Vik LX-1069; as Marty Gold and His Organ Ensemble)
- Skin Tight (1960, RCA Victor LPM-2230 (mono), LSP-2230 (stereo))
- Something Special for Movie Lovers (1965, RCA Victor LSP-3342)
- The Soundaroundus (1966, RCA Victor LMP-3599 (mono), LSP-3599 (stereo))
- Soundpower! (1963, RCA Victor LPM-2620 (mono), LSP-2620 (stereo))
- Sounds Unlimited (1963, RCA Victor LPM-2714 (mono), LSP-2714 (stereo))
- Stereo Action Goes Hollywood (1961, RCA Victor LSA-2381) (Stereo Action)
- Sticks and Bones (1958, Vik LX-1126; 1959, RCA Victor LPM-2070 (mono), LSP-2070 (stereo))
- Sticks and Strings in Hi-Fi (1956, Vik LX-1082)
- Suddenly It’s Springtime (1964, RCA Victor LPM-2882 (mono), LSP-2882 (stereo))
- Swingin’ West (1960, RCA Victor LPM-2163 (mono), LSP-2163 (stereo))
- Wired For Sound (1956, Vik LX-1054)

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