Ferrante and Teicher

Ferrante and Teicher album Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher met while studying at the Juilliard School of Music in New York in 1930. Musical prodigies, they began performing as a piano duo while still in school. After graduating, they both joined the Juilliard faculty.

In 1947, they launched a full-time concert career, at first playing nightclubs, then quickly moving up to playing classical music with orchestral backing. Between 1950 and 1980, they were a major American "easy listening" act, and scored four big U.S. hits: "Theme From The Apartment", "Theme From Exodus", "Tonight", and "Midnight Cowboy". They performed and recorded regularly with pops orchestras popular standards by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers and others. In 1973, they did the Hollywood Radio Theater theme for the Rod Serling radio drama series, The Zero Hour.

The duo also experimented with prepared pianos, adding paper, sticks, rubber, wood blocks, metal bars, chains, glass, mallets, and other found objects to piano string beds. In this way they were able to produce a variety of bizarre sounds that sometimes resembled percussion instruments, and at other times resulted in special effects that sounded as if they were electronically synthesized.

Both men were initiated as honorary members of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Central State University (now University of Central Oklahoma) while on tour.

Ferrante and Teicher ceased performing in 1989 and retired to Longboat Key and Siesta Key, respectively, close to each other on the west coast of Florida. They continued to play together occasionally at a local piano store.

CDs of their music, some of it not previously released, have continued to appear.

Their albums include:
- Autumn Leaves (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-558 (mono), ABCS-558 (stereo))
- Autumn Leaves (1969, Harmony HS-11355; this is a completely separate release from the previous listing; only three songs overlap)
- Blast Off! (1958, ABC-Paramount ABC-285 (mono), ABCS-285 (stereo); re-released in 1966 as We’ve Got Rhythm)
- A Bouquet of Hits (1968, United Artists UAS-6659)
- Broadway to Hollywood (1961, Columbia CL 1607 (mono), CS 8407 (stereo))
- By Popular Demand (1965, United Artists UAL-3416 (mono), UAS-6416 (stereo))
- Concert For Lovers (1963, United Artists UAL-3315 (mono), UAS-6315 (stereo))
- Dream Concerto (1960, United Artists UAL-3087 (mono), UAS-6087 (stereo))
- Dynamic Twin Pianos (1960, United Artists Ultra Audio WW-7504 (mono), WWS-8504 (stereo); re-released in 1964 as Keyboard Kapers)
- The Enchanted World of Ferrante & Teicher (1964, United Artists UAL-3375 (mono), UAS-6375 (stereo))
- The Exciting Pianos of Ferrante & Teicher (1970, Pickwick PC-3003 (mono), SPC-3003 (stereo))
- The Ferrante & Teicher Concert (1965, United Artists UAL-3444 (mono), UAS-6444 (stereo))
- The Ferrante & Teicher Concert, Part 2 (1966, United Artists UAL-3475 (mono), UAS-6475 (stereo))
- Ferrante and Teicher Play Light Classics (1959, ABC-Paramount ABC-313 (mono), ABCS-313 (stereo))
- Ferrante and Teicher With Percussion (1958, ABC-Paramount ABC-248 (mono), ABCS-248 (stereo); re-released in 1966 as Temptation)
- Fireworks (1966, Columbia HS 11227; re-release of Hi-Fireworks)
- For Lovers of All Ages (1966, United Artists UAL-3483 (mono), UAS-6483 (stereo))
- Getting Together (1970, United Artists UAS-5501)
- Golden Piano Hits (1961, United Artists WWR-3505 (mono), WWS-8505 (stereo))
- Golden Themes from Motion Pictures (1962, United Artists UAL-3210 (mono), UAS-6210 (stereo))
- Heavenly Sounds in Hi-Fi (1957, ABC-Paramount ABC-221)
- The Heavenly Sounds of Ferrante & Teicher (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-555 (mono), ABCS-555 (stereo))
- Hi-Fireworks (1955, Columbia CL 573; re-released in 1966 as Fireworks)
- Holiday For Pianos (1963, United Artists UAL-3298 (mono), UAS-6298 (stereo))
- In Love With Ferrante & Teicher (1967, Pickwick SPC-3077)
- In the Heat of the Night (1967, United Artists UAL-3624 (mono), UAS-6624 (stereo))
- The Incomparable Piano Stylings of Ferrante & Teicher (1968, Sunset SUS-5235)
- Keyboard Kapers (1964, United Artists UAS-6284; re-release of Dynamic Twin Pianos)
- The Keys to Her Apartment (1962, United Artists UAL-3247 (mono), UAS-6247 (stereo))
- Latin Pianos (1960, United Artists UAL-3135 (mono), UAS-6135 (stereo))
- Listen to the Movies With Ferrante & Teicher (1969, United Artists UAS-6701)
- Live For Life (1967, United Artists UAS-6632)
- Love in the Generation Gap (1968, United Artists UAS-6677)
- Love is a Soft Touch (1970, United Artists UAS-6771)
- Love Themes (1963, United Artists UAL-3282 (mono), UAS-6282 (stereo); re-released in 1966)
- A Man and a Woman and Other Motion Picture Themes (1967, United Artists UAL-3572 (mono), UAS-6572 (stereo))
- The Many Moods of Ferrante & Teicher (1962, United Artists UAL-3211 (mono), UAS-6211 (stereo))
- Memories (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-554 (mono), ABCS-554 (stereo))
- Midnight Cowboy (1969, United Artists UAS-6725)
- Music from the Motion Picture West Side Story (1961, United Artists UAL-3166 (mono), UAS-6166 (stereo))
- My Fair Lady (1964, United Artists UAL-3361 (mono), UAS-6361 (stereo))
- Only the Best (1965, United Artists UAL-3434 (mono), UAS-6434 (stereo))
- Our Golden Favorites (1967, United Artists UAL-3556 (mono), UAS-6556 (stereo))
- The People’s Choice (1964, United Artists UAL-3385 (mono), UAS-6385 (stereo))
- Pianos in Paradise (1962, United Artists UAL-3230 (mono), UAS-6230 (stereo))
- Postcards From Paris (1962, ABC-Paramount ABC-430 (mono), ABCS-430 (stereo); re-released as Autumn Leaves)
- Soundblast / Soundproof (1956, Westminster)
- Springtime (1964, United Artists UAL-3406 (mono), UAS-6406 (stereo))
- Temptation (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-561 (mono), ABCS-561 (stereo); re-release of Ferrante and Teicher With Percussion)
- Themes From Broadway Shows (1960, ABC-Paramount ABC-336 (mono), ABCS-336 (stereo))
- Tonight (1962, United Artists UAL-3171 (mono), UAS-6171 (stereo))
- The Twin Piano Magic of Ferrante & Teicher (1964, Harmony HL-7325 (mono), HS-11125 (stereo))
- The Twin Piano Magic of Ferrante & Teicher, Vol. 1 (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-557 (mono), ACBS-557 (stereo))
- Twin Pianos (1964, Guest Star G 1410 (mono), GS 1410 (stereo))
- We’ve Got Rhythm (1966, ABC-Paramount ABC-556 (mono), ABCS-556 (stereo); re-release of Blast Off!)
- The World’s Greatest Themes (1960, United Artists UAL-3121 (mono), UAS-6121 (stereo)
- You Asked For It (1966, United Artists UAL-3526 (mono), UAS-6526 (stereo))

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